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Follow InkdGirls on Facebook at facebook.com/InkdGirls Montana. 20. Arizona. montanaliz.tumblr.com. IG: montanaliz first time tattoo number 1 or 6. credit to starlight tattoo parlor. Artist. CEO. Tattoo Enthusiast.instagram: lilguz. lilguz.tumblr.com imma-ruin-you-cunt.tumblr.com Krysta Kaos on BurningAngel.com Adorei Instagram: _andressapires Riae stay—cold.tumblr.com jadeyn belle My name is Vana and I’m following a White Rabbit.. 25 years old from Greece.. tumblr, twitter, instagram @varvaraki Trebble - 20, Chicago. tumblr  treblenfeist19 blu3print.tumblr.com Kandace LayneTattoo ApprenticeAtlanta slytherindarkmark.tumblr.com Michelle.Los Angeles,CA. Michellebomb.tumblr.com luminursa.tumblr.com lalunaaaa.tumblr.com Model: NEYney toxikbarbie.tumblr.com Instagram: bunny_holliday. facebook.com/bunnyholliday ig @benetpeach <3 0urlovelylittlelife.tumblr.com Jennie June eurekaisonfire. tumblr. com astralupa.tumblr.com ladysawolf.tumblr. com Natalie LaMonstra. Moscow,Russia. Instagram: nates131. tumblr.com/blog/nates666 Instagram: elatodacolorida. eyecandii13 theaugustflame.tumblr.com I’m Laura & this is my 6th tattoo. My next will be a dream catcher on my right thigh :). outcastwithambition.tumblr.com IG: girlwithoutwings. xxo’s twitter/tumblr @MissEmmaHeron Instagram @benetpeach <3 Gadget, 29, Minneapolis, USA gaadgette.tumblr.com. I suppose at this point in my life, I am realizing that my tattoos are just a beautiful, somewhat socially acceptable, form of self-mutilation. I often get tattoos after a rough life experience, as a way to purge the emotional pain with a tangible release of physical pain. I am left with a permanent reminder of how strong I really I am, and how much I have been through in my short time on this Earth. I have a lot of bare skin left, so I know I s tumblr.com/blog/boomgoesboom Hi my name Karina. my instagram Karina_Honey Nina Marie.whenyouuwishuponastar.tumblr.com Kasey Kasket coldasicehotasfire.tumblr.com.  facebook.com/pages/Savannah-Marie/191717597588527 Allister on BurningAngel.com I think the pic is self explanatory. beautiful-insanitee. tumblr. com Kate, 24, Moscow Katuladeesse.tumblr.com My name is Kelly. Most people know me as Kelly Chaos. I’m 24 and I live in Hollywood California. My tumblr is kellyannechaos.tumblr.com And all of my tattoos have stories that are way to long to tell here. haha Rebekah-venom.tumblr.com. instagram: Ven0mous. South Florida. Artist: Danny Balena Mariana, 20, Brazil.. mylittlebonnie.tumblr.com titanicgirl.tumblr.com astralupa.tumblrcom Valerie/ 24/ Carolina, PR. I have a skeleton key with a rose and a butterfly. I’ve always wanted to get a skeleton key on my arm, and what it means for me is that whoever holds my hand holds the key to my heart. ♥. morphinelikelips.tumblr.com missemmah.tumblr.com Hi! I’m Irene from Italy. facebook.com/SwanhildeDeVaria JJoa Nanci Necra