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justplainsmut: sexandsubmission.com Trying out new crotchless panties.... f] Who would like to see me punished in this white vest and cutesy knickers? Belt or paddle? By Any Other Nameeverything you ever wanted to know about BDSM scene names but didn’t even know to ask … (part…View Post What a scene name isn’t?everything you ever wanted to know about BDSM scene names but didn’t even know to ask ……View Post The day after the bruising. Send requests Copyright Versus Creative Commonswhat is copyright? Most people are familiar with the term “copyright”, as well as the © symbol, not…View Post it’s like some hellish Sea World set in a medieval dungeon Master tied me up again! ? legokitten -. People who talk trash about bodies and body shapes are a pet peeve of mine.  . The reality is usually pretty sharp and simple - We were all born with bodies.  Every body is unique in wonderfully varied ways.  . The only perfect body is an airbrushed body - and who want’s that? I know for a fact that I’d enjoy meeting and hanging out with my curvy online friend Dee much more than I’d enjoy meeting any runway supermodel.  . The biggest sex organ is between the ears, and it’s not meas Walking home tonight, I discovered this stunning piece of art I won a "major award"! Spanksgiving – 28 Days of Serafina – Day 3We find ourselves in a pretty unique situation, Serafina and I do …. Her kids are grown and in…View Post Sneakers - Kink of the Weeknaked – except for sneakers. Put on your high heel sneakers, throw that wig hat on your head.Put on…View Post it’s like sinking into quicksandIf you really want to understand quicksand—if you’re looking for some way to gauge its rise and…View Post Baggage Cart Bondage - Sinful Sunday 1-26-2013oh bellboy! – baggage cart bondage. Accompanied by my beautiful slave/wife, I traveled this weekend…View Post Ouch jaythegremlin: Follow me for more pics pretty fucking hot A play piercing I received from a friend. I loved it. taylor swift Inside and outside she LONGS to feel true total submission.  solo-bdsm:wesson-smith Phthalates - Smells Like Napalm Not Victorytime waits for no one, not even dominants. I’ve done this for a long time.  If I don’t count a…View Post Holly Whips - Esoteric Equestrian ToolWhile this essay is part of an upcoming series of posts I’m writing about “Whips and BDSM”, it’s…View Post What is a Scene Name?everything you ever wanted to know about BDSM/kink scene names but didn’t even know to ask ……View Post Domination Blacklist?The same as any other human community, interpersonal drama can easily be found in the world of kink…View Post happytie: Just keeping in touch! ready2domu: Cute amateur. Submissive Pose Chart (x post /r/BdsmNsfw) abandonfear: Owned cunt. tied up eh…. ;). If ropes are like a lover’s arms, she’s certainly well loved.. tho4ns: Model: bichilicious. Photo/Rigging: Tho4ns. Ouch The pleasure of spankings First session with my sub bf Ball Gag Aftet breast torture of an hour. Won't put up a (f)ight The slave in perfect obedience neither offers nor reserves anything. His only obligation, his concern, his evaluation criteria, his only question, his only satisfaction is from determining if he obeyed..   Guy Baldwin almost bookends There’s something unsually hot about this setting … submissive with a head in a box in the floor w/ camera.. I’d never encountered it before a Sex and Submission episode I saw a few years back . I watched that viddy with Serafina, I was just beginning to train her as my slave.. The video scared her at least a little, probably more than that.  She was afraid I’d want her to do everything the girl in the video was subjected to … . I reassured her that I always respect hard limits, even if I do hel damselmountain: So nice.. Journey of a Flawed Submissive SlaveA flawed follower. A flawed submissive – Serafina Samadhi.  Years ago in my mid 20′s I was asking…View Post Generalized Hawthorne & Turpentine Effectmastering a craft? beware the turpentine effect“When art critics get together they talk about Form…View Post Day 3: Serafina’s 30 Days of Kink. How did you discover you were kinky? I suppose there is latent or otherwise a kinky side in everyone. Sciatica!?! I’m disappointed. That’s the bad news.  The good news is, that my disappointment is internal.  I’m upset with myself. Nervous? - Wicked Wednesday #87nervous yet? Bound to the baggage cart in a beautiful historic hotel you’ve never before visited…View Post Sciatica!?! I’m disappointed. That’s the bad news.  The good news is, that my disappointment is internal.  I’m upset with myself. Sciatica!?! I’m disappointed. That’s the bad news.  The good news is, that my disappointment is internal.  I’m upset with myself. Sciatica!?! I’m disappointed. That’s the bad news.  The good news is, that my disappointment is internal.  I’m upset with myself. Your Bottom’s only desire is turn control over to you (even, possibly, in spite of her objections and resistance) and be a victim of circumstance as you command, position, and mete out punishment..    Gemma Forbes Thought I'd share my fun night with Daddy with you all :) gagged4life:Normally things like the heavy eye makeup and nose stud would disrupt willing suspension of disbelief when it comes to a “real” schoolgirl look (just like all those cheap schoolgirl “costumes” with midriff-exposing tops), but in this case it creates such a fetching look that it doesn’t really matter. If only more schools used gags and bondage as punishments for naughty girls Jeff Gord - R.I.P.Jeff Gord & Ashley Renee. “On the evening of September 3rd, 2013…View Post Hahaha! Chastity control is actually an interest of mine - not being on the receiving end, but giving.  And while they make beautiful chastity devices for women ….  . The effect of enforced chastity is usually greater for a man than a woman, physically and psychologically.  . Deny most women long enough and they tend to shut down their sexual response.  Most men who’ve had longer term enforced chastity will tell you it’s different for them.  Like rust, cocks never sleep! I guess that’s why I wou You said you wanted to be captivated … Perhaps young ladies should be careful of what you wish for! Anybody have this video? Well, since you are so obviously crap at cleaning my clothes, I guess we’ll just have to keep you buck naked and tied up from now on!. (‘Hee-hee! I’m so glad the washing machine “broke”!’). daddysadist: Here. Now you can watch the end of your anal virginity in the mirror. Make’s me want to say woof! filthywetslut: One of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever seen. The purest, least complicated sex is the best sometimes. It’s just two bodies, no toys, no movies playing, no interruptions.. Pearls of wisdom Autographed Claiming of Sleeping Beautyspecial offer @ Target. Being Facebook friends with a famous author can have it’s benefits.  Earlier…View Post clamp and leash