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ass-the-new-vagina: Look at how she smiles while she twerks on it.

ass-the-new-vagina: Look at how she smiles while she twerks on it. [gif animation]

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ass-the-new-vagina: Look at how she smiles while she twerks on it. open-assholes: Anal masturbation & couples anal fuck live on webcam Click Here. What a proper breeding looks like. It’s nice to aim for her fuckhole, but she should be able to pull it open a little wider. Clearly, she needs to get fucked more often. She loves him. And she loves this. Sex, plain and simple. Beautiful. It’s always good to have a hammock in your garden: Apart from relaxing on sunny days, it comes in really handy for spontaneous fucking. And once her hole has been bred, she can just let the cum drip out onto the ground without leaving a single stain on the fabric. Brilliant! analsexonly: This is what your asshole is for. Your cunt serves no purpose whatsoever, to yourself or to others, and you are forbidden from using it.. Again, I prefer the term ‘fuckhole’, and I would only ever use worlds like 'cunt’ in quotation marks, but other than that, he sums up everything I stand for. <3 analsexonly assandcum: Rules of anal : 248. At home, there’s a no panties rule. Meaning I can access your holes everytime I want, like I want, even if I’m not really planning to fuck you. Foreplay is important as a couple ritual. However, a well-versed fuckhole usually doesn’t need any additional initiation and readily expects a cock that will breed it. Always lovely to see a woman willingly turn herself into a slut. She clearly loves having sex, and she’ll end up with a huge cum load deep inside her fuckhole very soon. While the first one or two times can sometimes be a little unpleasant, one should always remember that nature has given women only one fuckable hole for a reason. So stick to it, and soon, it will evolve into a comfortable fuck sleeve that you and every man who breeds you will enjoy. sluty-anal-wife: I think I would burn this out if I had one ;). The lesson here is: Make sure you’re getting your hole fucked. If you’re not in the mood for company, that’s no excuse. A trained fuckhole is a must, and getting one of these machines should be compulsory for all women. Many women prefer it when the man who breeds them cums deep within them, perhaps closing their fuckhole up again afterwards with their regular plug. However, the technique displayed here is every bit as valid and even has one advantage: By pulling the fuckhole open and letting the cum run out, she makes it immediately evident to any onlooker just how much she loves to be bred. Plus, a well-stretched hole speaks for itself. kinghut: softpornmustdie: Monica B - GG Exclusive Anal. What an anus! Such a well-trained, eager hole. Women have to invest a lot of work for their fuckholes to become this receptive, but they are rewarded with great sex, inspiring two-inch gapes and a thorough breeding in the end. Women don’t have to be fully naked for sex. Just pull their panties to the side, marvel at the beauty of the orifice specifically designed for sex, and breed her fuckhole. femaleasslover: My kind of woman. Once they have discovered the joys of having a huge, loose, sloppy fuckhole, some women can hardly be stopped. If anyone really wanted to, that is. She could play with her nipples. Or she could play with her fuckhole in the last picture. But she is way too classy for that: A good slut, i.e. a real woman, never touches herself during sex. Ever. feetanal: Grace Joy - AssTraffic.com. When having sex, a lot of men like to blow their load in the woman’s fuckhole. However, coating her face with it is also fully acceptable and a nice gesture toward the woman. In return, politeness dictates that she clean his cock with her mouth. The fact that is has just been in her fuckhole only serves to intensify her experience - it tastes of sex! grapesngapes: The DeLuxe ASS of Linda Sweet. Truly a defeated fuckhole. She must have put an insane amount of work into it, but she has molded what was already designed to be her only hole for breeding into an even cozier and more convenient fucking experience for the many, many men who want to cum in her. It really just opens up like a rubber band and swallows even a fist with ease. Beautiful. Always good to be ambitious. The bigger the fuckhole gets, the more cock it can fit into it. Small holes that can’t take a proper breeding are the worst. dumbworthlessfucktoys: Don’t even have to wait for the bedroom.. Just pin her where I want. Abuse this dumb bitch where I desire.. A lot of women like to get pinned down and have their hole abused at least once in a while. Whether or not she does I cannot say, but he certainly seems to enjoy trashing her fuckhole. p-m-p: deep dildo pull! Her fuckhole has certainly been there, it’s huge and stretchy, and she clearly enjoys being a slut like this. A positive female role model! Preparing for sex by licking a woman’s hole is a wonderful experience enjoyed by most. It goes without saying that lesbians are no exception to that rule. Being spitroasted is a very empowering experience for a woman. Both of her cockholes are being used, and she feels as full as she’s ever going to get. hitherintheshitter: shes putting some miles on her shit pipe. She sure is. See how her hole grasps his cock every time it tries to leave? She’s been putting that fuckhole through the paces, just like it should be. Good to see her fuck her the way she obviously needs it. That hole is just marvelous to watch. You can see how easy it is for him, how much space there still is. He could push a medium-sized plug in along with his cock, it’d hardly make a difference. And when I say “he could”, what I mean is “he should”. There are beauty and serenity in a woman surrendering her only fuckhole to a man for him to use at his discretion. He fucks it and breeds it until it’s worn out and sloppy, in fact little more than a gaping mess leaking his cum. And what does she do? She watches him do it while losing herself in a sea of pleasure. hitherintheshitter: your girlfriend will stop at nothing to be the center of attention . A lot of men love the idea of a threesome, women are generally more reluctant. Just why that is escapes me - the above picture seems like just the kind of sex everyone would want to have, doesn’t it? The girl gets a hard and loving breeding, and the guys benefit, too. This is how you do it! Unless your hole can take a fucking like this, unless a cock just slides right in there like a hot knife through butter, your hole isn’t big enough. Remember: It’s your only one, so you better train it right. No woman should ever have to go long without sex. Not if it feels that good. Men are every bit as entitled to hole stimulation as women. It’s an especially luxurious feeling to be licked there while fucking another woman at the same time. The tickling tongue while wearing the top girl’s fuckhole out is just divine! Ladies, this is what you’re training for: These overstretched, yawning and gaping holes are the result of years of continuous deep and hard fucking. They are a badge of honor and visible proof that you’re indeed a slut, i.e., a real woman! softpornmustdie: Jessie Volt & Tiffany Doll. Lesbians love to have their fuckholes licked just like straight women. They may not let any cocks get in there, but something certainly will - a fuckhole is a fuckhole, and thorough preparation with your tongue is essential. Nothing more relaxing than this. Find a place on a meadow, eat a little something from your picnic basket, and then top it off with some nice public fucking. She’ll enjoy having his cum running down her legs the whole way back. twoholesluts: Two hole sluts have trained themselves to crave cock in either their mouth or their ass but to be actively turned off by the idea of anything inside their pussy.. Not surprisingly. Women only have one hole designed for fucking (plus their mouth), focussing on anything else would be ludicrous horseplay - but certainly not sex. Barstools are fun. You can just sit down, relax, pull your fuckhole open and let him do the rest. Do make sure you lick up the cum, though, once it starts running out of your sloppy, nicely-fucked hole. northsub: Today’s anal training :-D. Look closely, girls, this is how you do it. Buy a nice big plug - not too big to start with, but still something ambitious enough to aim for - and start training your fuckhole with it. Every. Single. Day. Do it until a man can breed you as easily as the two of you really want to. Always remember that a beautiful woman is nothing without a nice, big, fuckable hole. The sublime beauty of human sexuality. When a woman is aroused, she presents her fuckhole, and most every (non-gay) man will respond to that. The results we can see here: True, deep, fast, mind-blowing sex. What we all crave, really. hitherintheshitter: BOOM! You hear that slap? That’s the sound of achievement, the sound of sex. Just lie there, put your fuckhole up and your hands on the ground. Your hole is the only part of your body you need right now. sluty-anal-wife: ;). If after a while getting fucked by a single cock isn’t enough anymore and dildos just don’t do the trick, there’s a very simple solution: Stretch your fuckhole even more and get bred by two guys at once. Is there anything more feminine? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Barstools make excellent platforms for fucking. If you have a girl to go with them, one whose fuckhole is well accustomed to all kinds of rough breeding treatment, you’re in for one hell of a ride. There are times when one may question whether or not one has chosen the right woman to fuck. After all, a wrong decision can cause a number of difficulties, not the least of which is trying to fuck an untrained hole that cannot take a breeding. Every man’s nightmare! If, however, you expose her hole like this, and it opens up with such grace and ease, you know you could hardly have made a better choice. Alright now, she thought. She was ready to admit that she was a lesbian. She had always liked sex, had even had a few cocks up her fuckhole, no doubt about that - but nothing ever felt as good as when girls wore that hole out for her. Especially with a nice big strapon, hopefully even bigger than this one. . And was it really so bad? No. All she had to do was find a girlfriend who’d fuck her plenty. I’ve got to confess, I have always been a fan of Chastity Lynn. She is very similar to Amy Brooke in her effort to cultivate a teen-next-door kind of appearance, but I find her act much more credible. And her fuckhole, apart from obviously having been put through all paces imaginable, is just a beauty to behold, swallowing everything from cocks to fists and huge dildos. analsexonly: She loves fucking two guys at once, but she only has one fuckhole. This is her solution.. No panties and a slit-shaped, well-worn fuckhole? Jackpot. Every woman has a fuckhole, and with that fuckhole she also has the responsibility to train it properly. The pleasure that can be derived from an untrained hole is nothing compared to that of a well-trained one. Both with regard to masturbation and full-on sex, stretching and opening their holes is what women must do in order to become real women. It is a natural thing, it is a thing of beauty. Another lesbian post: There’s fun to be had beyond monogamous relationships. The minx at the bottom just put out an ad asking for strangers to use and abuse her fuckhole, following advice a friend had given her.The two girls playing with her are a couple who lived nearby. From the minute she hit “send” until the moment she had a nice big dildo in her hole, it took less than ten minutes - and she couldn’t be happier. Fucking lesbian strangers really was fun! A gaping fuckhole is like a magnet, it draws you near and makes you want to play with it. It’s a basic instinct; go ahead and follow it, it’s the natural thing. hatefuckingforbeginners: I thought about bringing you flowers for our first date, but then I decided on this instead. You’re welcome, whore.. Breeding her fuckhole is a very considerate gift. And for her to give it up to him right away proves she’s a class act. Everybody wins here. If done right, getting fucked can be a mind-blowing experience. Born from a spur-of-the-moment arousal, we can see how ecstatic a woman can get over a beautifully hard and fast pounding up the fuckhole. She would like to move, to do something, to thank him, but the bursts of pleasure emanating from her fuckhole with every single one of his strokes are just too much for her. She just lies there and enjoys it, feeling the walls of her hole give way and receive his cock again and again. It is bliss. Feel it get fucked. Feel it stretch. Feel it be the fuckhole it was always meant to be. Above all: Feel yourself become one with what you want to be. Oh my God, that fuckhole is just so perfectly and beautifully wrecked. . Take a good look at it: This is why it is called a fuckhole. Some sluts are natural gapers. They don’t need a lot of training to wear their holes out - they’re the lucky ones. But even if it’s more difficult for you, don’t be jealous. Every fuckhole has its own beauty. justananalpornknight: Always keep a precautionary butt plug, never know when youll need an open hole. True that. Apart from the aesthetic value, wearing a plug 24/7 yields the considerable advantage of continuous training and readiness for fucking and breeding - the essence of femininity. And doesn’t she look so darn cute! dumbandpretty: The best feeling in the world.. Indeed. For both partners, this is the high point of any sexual congress. Having her fuckhole filled with his cum is the essence of being a woman and a welcome reassurance of her attractiveness - both of her body in general and of her fuckhole in particular. twoholesluts: Pussy isn’t just inferior to everything else, it simply doesn’t even rate paying a moment of thought to.. True, in theory, although the post is itself a contradiction of the highly valid thought it expresses. Long work days can really put a strain on both body and mind. Luckily, both can be relaxed with equal ease by having someone play with your fuckhole. And what is more playful and innocent than having it eaten out? It’s divine, and you’ll feel relaxation give way to horniness soon. After all, is a tongue really enough? Is it all you’d want up there? Nah. The beauty of a female fuckhole is almost transcendent. Its natural stretchiness, its hugging of a cock and the small gape that forms for a second when the man withdraws momentarily make that tiny portion of a woman’s body downright hypnotic. whores-bible: She deserves that cock in her ass. Instead of just lying there and moaning like a desperate idiot she is doing what she can to further his pleasure.. And - not surprisingly - she’s obviously greatly enjoying it, too. When and how a woman puts her fuckhole through the paces to make it sloppy, stretchy and comfortable for when a cock comes in to breed it is up to her. This one here has found a very effective and ingenious approach, which is at the same time guaranteed to leave her hole beautifully stretched and loose. When there’s only one cock and no dildos to go with, a good slut will have to masturbate to keep her fuckhole inviting for that magical moment when it’s finally her turn. softpornmustdie: Kendra Star & Dulsineya. Nope, not a mirror. Just two friends sharing a passion for sex and for having their fuckholes stretched open. yourackdisciprine: Sheena Shaw gets to know Proxy Paige. Recently, we saw Proxy Paige get to work on Sheena Shaw’s amazing hole. Proxy’s own fuckhole, in turn, would consider it an insult not to get fisted in return. You may now destroy the slut bride’s fuckhole in the back of your car, as is customary. justananalpornknight: hirevkev: What a truly miraculous anal and ATM scene…great find!  Muuuuaaah! Epic gape wow. Now you go ahead and try and tell me there’s anything more sexual in this world than two women set out to stretch open their fuckholes. famousanalsex: Taboo Vids anal-hardcore.tumblr.com. “We’ll make it fit, and you’re gonna enjoy it.”“What are you talking about, I enjoyed this from the start. Fuck! roughappreciator: Kate was new at the office, and when Andre showed her his baseball bat sized dick she almost laughed at the idea of that thing going in her. Well we were all lauhging at her later as she was whimpering while her asshole was getting wrecked, the distinguished Harvard grad reduced to another office prop. . Her head said no, but her fuckhole said yes, and very clearly so. The center of her sexual being won out easily, to their mutual benefit. Everybody loves breeding fuckholes, and yet, some ways of sex are just better than others. For instance, I believe that a nice breeding session outside is about the most natural way to experience the only natural way of sex. No need to thank me. With your cock wearing out and breeding my fuckhole so deliciously, the pleasure’s really all mine. Literally. analblasph3my: The reward for a nice and sloppy blowjob before moving on to the real fucking is a smooth and easy breeding experience. analblasph3my: Such enthusiasm, such eagerness. It’s always rewarding to see a slut embracing her fuckhole as wholeheartedly as this.