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Tori Allen Sierra Blair-Coyle Definition of splitter...all reds and yellows... Muriel Sarkany Camille Masseran Lynn Hill in Yosemite Sylwia Buczek Camille Masseran Manon Hily The '80s were a more fashionable time. Isabelle Patissier bouldering in Sardinia. Jessa Younker in deepwater soloing in Thailand Isabelle Faus Lauren Lee Entre Prises Daila Ojeda Mina Leslie-Wujastyk Pockets I love climbing Heelhook twerk" --Sierra Blair-Coyle Emilie Pellerin Sasha DiGiulian Sara Violett goin’ for it on Jigsaw (V5) in Hueco Tanks Kim Jain alex puccio Elena on Scapegoat, 5.12b That gaze Pic of the day (I Love Climbing) Akiyo Noguchi Jessa Younker My kind of spotter Natalie Duran Sierra Blair-Coyle Israil V6, Moe's Valley Ut Colette McInerney Shauna Coxsey Psicocomp Get it! Paige Claassen Psicocomp Emily at a comp. Sasha topping it out! Elena Hangdoggin' (Ctl Alt Del, 5.12a) Sasha Beasting Paige Claassen New Mexico Sandstone Jenn Q Camille Masseran Camille Masseran Shallow water soloing Look of anguish alex puccio Melissa Lacasse Mina Leslie-Wujastyk on midnight lightning Nina Williams Kim Jain Drop Dat Knee Sasha Beasting Paige Claassen Colette McInerney Nina Williams Mina Markovic Mina Leslie-Wujastyk Mina Leslie-Wujastyk on Resident Evil (V10) Last nights UBC comp! I think I might be in love. Sierra Blair-Coyle ESG Photography Sierra Blair-Coyle Sierra Blair-Coyle at BLOC Climbing+Fitness Sierra Blair-Coyle Camille Masseran