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kinkycuntboy: I’m really loving my little cock tonight.. foxtopia: My Pussy Trans.. #ftm #ftmtransgender #bissexual. ftmpowerbttm: Come split my cunt in half with your thick cock and fill me with your cum xxxrex: Love when she fucks and strokes me at the same time. Drives me crazy polaroidmasterdominates: Some good little slut should help me get my cock hard Master Matt devonwippxxx: Think my dick is growing again alexandersnow:It’s been a while since I did body art! Today I did a blue bird, I really like how it came out :) transboy-exe:A T-dick that’s almost a year old // I am a boy boy-with-an-extra-hole:Just having some fun alexandersnow: Bit tied up, this’d be a great time to get taken advantage of garbageboifuck: feeling more confident abt myself so I’m nude dumping here :-) also I’m a little hard there but never have a taken a dick pic before soooo. he/him or they/them bioluminaughty: i tried posting a video but tumblr wasnt havin it, so heres a closeup to make up for it! theswishisin: u gays i get soooo fucking wet y'all wouldn’t believe nick-paisley:Something I sent to my partner a little bit ago that I thought I would share ftmfags: My friend Torrey takes pictures which make me look like some kind of. underwear model.  An underwear model covered in weird tattoos.  FYI NYC I’m here for two more weeks. HMU transqueersxxx: Tbh I need my hole filled.. He/him. Feeling brave tonight transqueersxxx: peeking out ;). dickless-sickness: Outtakes and hole shots from the other night Wanna peek? Wife is jealous because my clit is bigger than hers! alexandersnow: Gooooood morning ;). FtM boner. 21 months on T. polaroidmasterdominates: Super horny at work, need to take this out on a slut when I get home Master Matt transmasculinexxx: my hard cock ftm-to-orgasm: Like I said: I’m not a virgin anymore… but it makes me even more horny! So I started to make webcam shows. You wanna watch me? there you go: I need some inspiration! Feel free to suggest me what should I do on webcam ftmcumwhore: Suck my cock. Feelin’ Groovy! Feelin’ Groovy! Feelin’ Groovy! transmaleerotica: Captured from the video below.  Love the wetness all over the cock from A, plus crown of head just peeking out spreading that hole nice and wide. . transmaleerotica: Homemade series of S and A enjoying an afternoon of fun.  Check out some short videos of “Fun with A"  at www.transmaleerotica.com/short.html swingme2seduction: Filled up. hobbitdragon: Photographer and model Loren Cameron.. intersexgod: who wants to suck my cock? severelygayxporn severelygayxporn thanks, all you lovely, sexy followers. transqueersxxx: I like what this harness does to my cocktail weiner. ;D quibix: thinster: younggayboytwink: YES! Yupps! Word transpup: 1 yr., 10 months on T; pre-op. gayftmpornblr: Damn! Thanks for this hot submission! always horny ftm-in-lingerie: ftm boy in lingerie gayftmpornblr: My favorite (to date) photo of me fucking my boyfriend. - A total turn on, love seeing a beautiful cock and a well filled hole like this!Thanks for the submission! issackingftm: Did some man-scaping… strangely my arm in the right image lines up perfectly with my face… lol. issackingftm: Did some man-scaping… strangely my arm in the right image lines up perfectly with my face… lol. mxhuman: oh my… looking forward to more growth ;). transqueersxxx: 3+years on T, 2+ years post op. single ;). mattstransition.tumblr.com dickyjohnsonftm: Little teaser of a scene I shot in a hotel Sauna! Will be coming to go join it right now for low price of 9.99 till the end of the month! adoringyourmistress: The only way you will taste me.. At least for a long, long time.. I’m FtM. She’s cis. We like showing off. Hope you like it too.. Yum! I do. Thanks for submitting. tigress72884: transqueersxxx: Gauge. He/Him. 21. Nice transmasculinexxx: pumping and playing number 2. 23yo transman transmaleerotica: Here is one of Bart’s friends from his free 5 minute video at www.transmaleerotica.com/homemadebart.html ftmfags: Good morning! Follow me on twitter at @cydstvincent. transqueersxxx: #black. transpup: Just under 2 years on T; pre-op (for now); flaccid.  Don’t pump/never pumped.. ftmporn:Dieselboi’s hot cock n’ balls! From his hot solo photoset & video on FTM Fucker! transqueersxxx: My Bend Over Boyfriend likes DP. He’s absolutely the sexiest man ever, ever, ever! . I want this! FTM leather daddy Power Jones gets his cock sucked by an obedient Rex in this hot photoset for FTM Fucker! dylan-jacob-skittles: My boyfriend helped me take some pictures. teddynorth: Cutie…I’d tooottally blow him. Yum.. swingme2seduction: 5'2 taking on 6'8 tsdarlings: Fuck yeah. ftmsextalk: 1 year on t. hobbitdragon: Photographer and model Loren Cameron.. yes. i think id like to look like this. transmaleerotica: Bart the Dragon playing with a friend - check out the FREE video and more stills at www.transmaleerotica.com/homemadebart.html dickyjohnsonftm: New sets with oyle! transqueersxxx: Feeling really IN my body lately.. transqueersxxx: Feeling really IN my body lately.. transisthenewgay: Eddie Wood pulling back the foreskin of his transcock.  Watch him jerk off and squirt all over the floor at www.eddiewoodxxx.com transqueersxxx: I like the way my small package hangs down and how you can just about see my tiny cock.. transmasculinexxx: Thought I’d be alittle daring and actually submit this to the world. My junk says hello and thanks for making this blog. <3. fuckyeahnakedqueers: 4 months on T and loving this cock growth! transmaleerotica: Another cum aftermath f2fag: Found a use for my Tenga Egg ! The egg alone was too stretchy for my small ftm cock so it didn’t do much for me, but then I got an idea. I put the egg inside the cylinder of my cock pump and stretched the edges over the top so I could hold it in place with a rubber band.. The result: a pretty nice, homemade, ftm friendly masturbation sleeve! I filled it with lube and went to town. I’m messy and satisfied.. Hot. I want a body like that. ftmporn: Buck Angel getting fucked!He doesn’t have a website with his porn on it anymore (because lately he’s been moving away from actually doing porn, and more towards producing porn with other trans men in it), but if you feel so inclined to watch any of his videos, they can be found at Buck Angel VOD.. indiepornrevolution: Billy : Lexington Club | Indie Porn Revolution. I rarely lust after body parts, but I really want this in me. transman/men? Soft cock and wet holehe/him/his Jade Phillips & James Darling share a passionate moment in their scene together for the Crash Pad Series. Jacques LeFemme & Ramses Rodstein in their scene together for the Crash Pad Series Lance ArmStar & Q, in their scene together for the Crash Pad Series Sexy latino trans man, El Dorado, for the Crash Pad Series billywirexxx: ftmporn: Power Jones’ cock!From his hot solo photoset on FTM Fucker! WHOA gimme gimme gimme Sexy latino trans man, El Dorado, for the Crash Pad Series ftmporn: Dieselboi’s hot cock! See more at FTM Fucker! James Darling fucks Jade Phillips in this hot scene from the Crash Pad Series. Jade Phillips & James Darling share a passionate moment in their scene together for the Crash Pad Series. Sexy latino trans man, El Dorado, for the Crash Pad Series I really enjoy these micros. ftmporn: Lance ArmStar & Q in their scene together for the Crash Pad Series! transqueersxxx: Bastian, age 24, getting finger fucked by his partner, age 19.. Tumblr is @prettyplease-prettyprincess Sexy leatherdaddy Power Jones for FTM Fucker! Devon Wipp & Vaughn Trapp in their scene together for the Crash Pad Series. crashpadseries: NEW on CrashPad: Devon Wipp and Milo Elizabeth! [Watch the trailer and episode at CrashPadSeries.com] peterpinkpuss: Peterpinkpuss.com launches on August 1st! What kind of content are you most excited about seeing? - Peter. bonusholebear: got myself SOAKED yesterday and i didn’t even touch myself. i’d say that’s an achievement. he/him not for your fetish/straight blogs. 10 months on T! Above and front view/ 1 ¾ inches. Never felt so comfortable. crashpadseries: NEW on CrashPad: Freya Wynn & Joey Minx! Watch now jpftm: Today My body.. fuck me! mikemanholexxx: Like what you see? Show me some love. https://twitter.com/MikeManhole me privately for one-on-one fun, including private Skype sessions. Tips are always appreciated–Ask for my Paypal addressReblog and support your local insatiable slutboy. –Mike Manhole mikemanholexxx: It’s been a long hard day at work and Mike Manhole needs to unwind. Already hard, his cunthole dripping wet, he’s unable to wait and jerks his tboy cock faster and faster until he explodes with orgasmic bliss, imagining it’s your mouth wrapped around his cockhead.. If you’d like it to be your mouth around my cock, ASK for my Skype and Paypal details :)Lots more folks have been renting my videos! See for yourself why transmaleerotica: Our favorite frottage pic illtopyoutwink: Outdoor fun #illtopyoutwink.tumblr.com peachycreamm:Pre t to 3 months! [He/Him || Leave caption]. so well documented! sailorboyjames: Remembering that one time I got plowed by the hunky muscle of Brock Avery for bonusholeboys.. Watch it here hot jpftm: I’m horny.. I want this underwear. His body would be nice too. Not too bulgy muscley. James Darling & Charlie Spats in their HOT scene together for Porn For Everyone (PFE), Charlie’s pay-what-you-can porn site!There’s even some free streaming video! Check it out! femtmpup: A series of nudes vancity-beardad: hornylilfagpie: Fuck me with your big fat cock.. Anytime, stud. gardenvarietyslut: zedthomas so sexy. gardenvarietyslut: zedthomas so sexy. ftmdickrider: some pics of my ftm hole getting used right transcocks: hisunholyskies: I like my new packer. :D. I’ve been using it for two days and I’m impressed with how comfortable it is.. I like that the colour matches well for a non customized color, much better than most of my previous ones.. It’s a light color Form Function Sport, uncut.. I haven’t seen an uncircumcised packer before. I love it! Betn trying to find an uncut one for ages. Nice! Our absolute favorite cis-guy / ftm scene!James Darling and Wolf Hudson have a hot afternoon romp in/around the jacuzzi tub.. and the water isn’t the only thing that’s steamy! ;)Check out the scene here at QueerPorn.tv! bigclitboy:All pink, creamy, and lonely gardenvarietyslut: zedthomas so sexy. ftmwhore: My boy pussy mytransbodymytransjourney: Will someone please tie me down, take their belt off, and whip me? mytransbodymytransjourney: I’m am sorry if you’ve seen this twice. I thought I uploaded it a little earlier but my phone isn’t showing it. squelchbaker: I found these. They made me happy.. fabriziocarignani88-n2t1ts: photos from “small poison,” an exhibition of miniatures by south african artist christiaan diedericks dealing masculinity/gender issues, gender-bending, etc. mytransbodymytransjourney: Happy late valentine’s day ;) we are a cute ass couple. mytransbodymytransjourney: Will someone please tie me down, take their belt off, and whip me? transmaleerotica: We love this pic of Bart leaking the cum of the two good friends that double teamed him seconds earlier.   Anyone want to play jump rope with that rope of cum - it’s a nice mixture of two hot guy’s jism.  www.transmaleerotica.com/homemadebart.html mytransbodymytransjourney: Will someone please tie me down, take their belt off, and whip me? ftmimages: Enjoying the feeling in my tiny penis. adventuresinkinktopia: ftmfags: Hi.  I’m Cyd and I like nasty daddies, slutty fags, and dripping man holes.  . Unf adventuresinkinktopia: ftmfags: Hi.  I’m Cyd and I like nasty daddies, slutty fags, and dripping man holes.  . Unf 16 months on T I’d like my body to look like this. Ethical butcher Berlin Reed, wrapped in brown paper, hanging out on a butcher block.. Read Berlin’s story in OP #7, The Green Issue.. Photo by Amos Mac.