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dirty-transboy:(He/him) On vacation at the beach (see it back there!) and decided to take some naughty pictures. I was so nervous because there were a lot of people walking and driving in front of the balcony, it made my little cock so hard thinking I might get caught.<br>. *Check back soon for video when I can get home and edit it bust-1:ftm lexgoldsuperstar:Golden Boy, Born To Love. Lex Gold. He/Him ftmfags: from puerto rico. 10 months on T. loving my t-cock.. Thanks for the hot pic, thats a fucking hot dick you have there . hardftm:When I get hard after playing with myself. It feels so amazing. cebado: from a video i might post, i really like this picture omg. [he/him pronouns] . myqueerfuckingbody: Someone please come bury their face between my legs? I pinky promise I’ll do absolutely anything in return… I’m desperate to feel someone’s tongue tease me.. cuntboyhoneys:g'morn (repost). (ne/nem/nir-he/him/his) please do not reblog if you are in any way associated with c/g/l and please dont reblog to “female” only blogs or delete my caption! ftm-funtimes: someone suck my cock and pound my hole, just a thought.. (he/him). ftmslave:I’m feeling like a big boy today so I thought I’d share my cock with the world! ftm-funtimes: Hello yes posting this scares me but I’m kinda hot so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. (he/him). yes. hot. 2 years post op Suck this ftm cock please? Too hornyt transpinkstar:My cock is still growing. I wish I had a clit pump to make it bigger, but in time I guess. fun fun fun x2 unf! ftm-funtimes: someone suck my cock and pound my hole, just a thought.. (he/him). tbear1972: amesbex: Just a casual night of @parkerreedxxx popping @cublifeboston‘s porn cherry. See more of my work at www.amesbex.com. @Cublifeboston still has cherries?I don’t believe it. heavy-whipping-cream:Fantasizing can be fun ✨. He/him! furftm: This is what happens when I’ve been sexting - I turn into a horny sticky mess with a swollen cock and a very wet pussy. I leaked so much fluid from my hungry hole that I left a wet spot in my undies. It’s like pre-cum and it got all over my cock and my pubic hair too.. I really need a hot dude to come fill up my hole good. Sometimes jerking off is just not good enough to get rid of the hunger.. My hole is so tight. Someone come stretch it out. 2 years on vitamin-T My birthday just passed.. Come fuck my butt.. https://queerconfection.tumblr.com aliendicc: Sick as hell but hoe is life. (he/him). transboyst-cock:Thank me before you blow me. It’s good manners.. (he/him) needing to be fucked & filled so bad My cock has gotten bigger and it gets hard fast! mmm2625:me getting fucked cuntboycastle:Did some landscaping today. mmm2625:fill it up cock-holliday:Some more pics from last night. He/him. I love how big my cock has gotten from being on hormones, and can’t wait to see it get bigger. have a sad cum bb fadednxxxrated:Missing her mouth iwannabeyourhand:the best of the best hypersexualmulder:he/him pronouns, don’t remove my caption sexytransmascthings:Cum suck daddy’s cock pull-up-prince:post workout/ pre shower bathroom selfies fadednxxxrated:I could use some help over here transboyst-cock: ✌. (he/him). scratchpup:I was really hard at work so I snuck off and got this shot (he/him, 5 weeks T) peachycreamm:I need some head teddyspanks: scruffy boy gets a lil bit greedy and makes a mess - more at 10. (im a boy, yo, he/him pronouns). transb0y-fuckdoll:Pinch my nipples and little cock gankyuunamekun:I like rubber bands Right after an amazing orgasm. One year on T.. Would love to trade nudes if interested Dealing with my hardon pull-up-prince:my day yesterday included having a plug in my ass all day long, lazily shaving, and looking good royallyxducked:i’m cute yoshiwara-niisan:First dick pic in the new place! Lighting from the theater across the street since i dont have any lights yet fffucktoy: i have proper toys but i always get such a thrill from stretching and stuffing my ass full of whatever else i can get my hands on. i’m a transgender man so refer to me with he/him pronouns. do not reblog to all female porn blogs. do not reblog to big clit blogs. do not remove caption.. femtmpup: A series of nudes sux-dix: I need a warm mouth so bad. . he/him | don’t delete caption. kurtvulgar:Get on your knees vashislez:#ftm #porn #pussy Top left little chub, top right semi hard, bottom pic fully erect.. Thanks for the super hot submission! 18. trying very hard to love this trans body.. I love your body! Thanks for submitting. Feelin’ Groovy! kinkykuntboy: My cock looks so big right after i trim, more so when i play around. feel free to reblog and follow for more! he/him (9 months on T/Do not tag as femme/girl). femtmpup:Got all clean to get dirty myqueerself:the sun finally came out today, so i had a little walk on a frozen canal… the scenery was so beautiful and i couldn’t see anyone except a few passing cars in the distance, so i pulled down my pants and played a little gagboyxxx: he/him. kik:fuckboiii96. I do Skype sessions. transpinkstar: I love to crawl on my hands and knees for my Betapup. <3 ftmfags: Another super hot follower submission - keep them cumming please! I could really use something real in my holes…. transqueersxxx: My transcock. I need a bj. 5 years on T. #ftm #pre-op #horny trans-dude-nudes: A boy appears. I still like these socks and am afraid of ripping them. gagboyxxx:still growing he/him friendlyrva:Delicious and used FTM hole. tannerfridayxxx:I need a blowjob. sux-dix:he/him | don’t delete caption