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Figured out how you love myself in this constantly changing body. My stomach rolls and T-clit. stolencupid: just some lazy nudes! recently i’ve been taking so many i don’t know what to do with them. i can’t open my camera roll anywhere lol. he/him. dont delete caption! weluvtransmen:I need you daddy captive-fey:wait by the window ollyjacksonftm:Easy access to fuck both my holes <3 trans-succubus: wolf boy being ever so teasing . (he/they). elitheforestguy:Idk but my dick is cute ftmagenderfuntimes:Wet ftmpupper:Need a good rubbing ftmpupper ftmpupper:Fresh voddey:Sorry I needed something in me ❤️. He/him 21 #ftm #transman friendlyrva:19 year old Arab wet hole virgin got his first taste of pumping my FTM boy. On his third fuck, with all our combined loads in him, all slick and warm, he and my FTM cub had simultaneous orgasms. That was hot as shit! The kid had a fat 8" cock. My cub sucked on it like a nursing calf the whole time I fucked him. What an awesome synergy we had! He was a hot little gay college student that had only been with boys before. Hot! bearyftm:Thanks for 50 followers ftmagenderfuntimes:Spread spread spread disgustingplace:Punish me ftmpupper:Fresh kinkytcockboy: id be happy if you gave me drugs, itd make our fuck last all night long. transboy || he/him. 16months on T. transwolfrebel:The son of all bastards handsomedevilclub:You guys don’t get to see my arse enough. ftmagenderfuntimes:Lower half voddey:Visited some friends. He/him ftmpupper nbnudes:was hard all day today bearyftm:Need someone between my legs to make me cum friendlyrva:Had a Cuban playmate over. He’s a cute geek with glasses and is fun as shit. He loaded my cub up first. I licked off the cum leakage from my boys hole, and then cleaned up our guest’s tasty cock for him and sent him on his way home. Plowing warm sloppy seconds is just amazing! knightofswordsxxx eye-queue:someone skype me! i have some diy toys i want to play with! knightofswordsxxx:ready ftmagenderfuntimes:Who wants to be here with me? ftmpunk86:Any willing mouths out there? kinkytransman:Nice view lunawiles:Juuust dicking around. (a weenie if you will). (I’m baked). They/it/he ftmfuckboi: Took some nudes in a friend’s bathroom after a day at the beach, this is probably the closest you’ll get to seeing my face.. (he/him). 2 years on T, wish I had better growth but my cocks still pretty cute I guess.. message me! I only bite sometimes! ithinkimkindahot:Thank you daddy alexandersnow:It’s been a while since I did body art! Today I did a blue bird, I really like how it came out :) nick-paisley:Something I sent to my partner a little bit ago that I thought I would share boy-with-an-extra-hole:Just having some fun transboy-exe:A T-dick that’s almost a year old // I am a boy theswishisin: u gays i get soooo fucking wet y'all wouldn’t believe liltransboi:Some fun DP today svgarbug:my hard t-cock and stretched hole. [he/him, i’m a man] ftmpupper:Feeling extra naughty tonight Thanks for the cute submission! friendlyrva:Just sent my FTM cub off loaded up with cum. Very satisfying! biggesttransslut: Hey look, I came. ;) . he/him. kinkytransman: He/ Him. high quality with my camera. trans-sub-stantiation:Feelin nice this morning weluvtransmen:Love taking close up wet hole shots lostdragonboy:Macro part 2. knightofswordsxxx:good boy cydstvincent: Today is my FIRST FUCKING DAY LIVING IN NYC! . To celebrate I’m releasing my brand new website that is full of exclusive pics, videos, smut, and information about what sessions with me look like at . wwww.cydstvincent.com . ftmanonymousfantasies:Come and use those holes! super-cub:i’ve only been home for like an hour…i missed this guy ! ftmwolf: Time for pleasure. Are you horny like me? [He/him].. Do not leave the caption.. bimeaunicorn:fun with a new friend yesterday hot-ftm:Over 4,000 followers! he/him or they/them pronouns. do not delete my caption jason-mcnips:Ready for your mouth genxftm: So many flaws. Black FtM showing off his dick and chest (He/Him). transumiso:My hungry holes are always ready. jason-mcnips:I seriously need a BJ. weluvtransmen:Absolutely craving a hard cock right now pastelprn:1yr 6mnths on t, always horny, but luckily i have my boyfriend to fill up my needy cunt whenever i want 18 months on t + hard fffucktoy: Reblog and tell me how you’d fuck me.. I’m a transgender man so refer to me with he/him pronouns. Do not reblog to all female porn blogs. Do not reblog to big clit blogs.. kinkytransman:Porn crossed my feed and I couldn’t help traumatisedgay:new room means new bed with lots of space to have fun fffucktoy: got an ask for underwear/boxer pics from @ghosthart-blog, so I put on the brightest ones I owned. I’m a transgender man so refer to me with he/him pronouns. do not reblog to all female porn blogs. do not reblog to big clit blogs.