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queerftmpng: make me cum Shaved transqueersexselfies: A collection of post-orgasm selfies. Or, my cock and hole 4 years on T.. He/him/his. dxxxxhxxx: Can anyone tell me how to blur out my face in videos so I can upload them to xtube? So horny. Anonymous dxxxxhxxx: Trying to be a good slut boy.. Such a hot body. dxxxxhxxx: All I want to be is someone’s fisting slut hole. klarkkentshhhhh: Get on your knees n suck me off ftmdick99: playing bootsboy33: furftm: Get on your knees and suck it. I’d be on my knees in seconds… All that fur…. yoshiwara-niisan: freckle on my dick :o(he/him) I like to wait a while in between shaves and let the hair grow back in. Then when I do shave everything feels super sensitive after. I can feel every movement of my pants against my pussy and I can’t think about anything else. By the end of the day my underwear is soaked. dickfordessert: Another shot from yesterday. This was before I started playing, and you can tell because my holes always start out looking this way; tight as fuck. It usually hurts a little when I first start inserting things but after a few minutes I start to get soaking wet and by the time I’m done, both holes are gaping and begging for bigger things to stuff inside. brodygetsfucky brodygetsfucky: Hairy boy wrathsvengeance: Dicked another Transman the other day, had him drippin too… My tongue game is no joke sincerelymatt:My pussy. (He/him always) switchbox: 29 months on T #Ftm #transition #queer #ftmPorn Feelin’ Groovy! kippslinger:Remember these classics? Stay tuned for new material from Kipp Slinger coming soon! trans-dude-nudes: I shaved for the first time in a while woo bonusbare:got trussed up for the holidays. i was challenged to see how many candy canes i could fit into my wet man hole. (12.) got sucked off as soon as i pulled them out. happy holidays. klarkkentshhhhh: thisiswhereibegan21: 3 and half years on T and this is what my dick looks like. You’re welcome. I give no fucks, my body is my sanctuary and I don’t have time for your criticism.. Nice 16 months on T xxxrex: Let’s have some fun. Do I shave my cock or let it grow? bonusbare: #ftm, #ftmporn, #ftmcock city-of-orchids: a merry half mast yule from me to you mllpx: feeling like adonis on this gold hotel room couch ftmfuckboy: Need to be filled trvnsdvddy: I’m so glad he’s mine.. @johnnyblvzed. (he, him pronouns please) plastic-cumsleeve:Some more photos I took! dickfordessert: I have this fantasy about fucking in any of the rooms in my house. Maybe not my landlord’s bed, but the kitchen, livingroom, bathroom, basement…those would all be great places. It gives me the thrill of potentially getting caught and it makes me feel like I’m doing something that I shouldn’t be doing, which is a great recipe for fun stuff! Anyways, here are some nudes of me all other my house, and shhhh my roommates are still asleep Swollen and poking through. It keeps growing. Horny at my desk Semi before some me time. He/him Tie me up and fuck me hard. (He/him, they/them) courtneytrouble: big papi // photographed by courtney trouble // indiepornrevolution.com ftmfuckboy: Hard dick in my bath, someone come join me (he/him) dickfordessert: Butt shots xxxrex: Was horny as FUCK. Mmmm. I love to be having my cock licked at the same time. Mmmm. friendlyrva:Yummy good times with my FTM! procrasturbation-needs: I have edged 15 times in the past hour. It’s only 1 pm.. (Good to reblog, don’t tag me as a girl). hefucked:No duckies this time, just a bathtime selfie. friendlyrva:My cock feels good in that FTM hole, but so does my hand! ftmguypics: Trans cock, 1.5 years on T.. Follow for more. Flood my inbox. Tell me what you want to see and what you want to do to me.. (Cis queer men - I’m especially looking at you.) latransfw: and wet heavy-whipping-cream:I haven’t shaved my bits in literal years, usually just trim it like once a month. But damn I was feelin myself tonight and I’m gonna enjoy this smoothness while it lasts. Plus it really helps me appreciate just how much my cock has grown on T– Even when I’m soft it’s an awesome package and I love it. And I really like my shiny wet cunt. friendlyrva: Freshly fucked FTM hole! trans-dude-nudes: Tell me what you’d do with me bioluminaughty: i need some cute socks or something to show off hard & wet cock! 19/loser/my main blog is @dissociativedaddy ftmimages:My cock is getting harder.. Soon I won’t be able to resist touching it.. And then I’ll play with it until I cum. Feelin’ Groovy! transstonerslut: ✌ High Happy & Horny ✌. [He/Him] dirty-transboy: I got really wet playing with my toy earlier :). (I am a TransMAN, DO NOT reblog my posts to all-female porn blogs) procrasturbation-needs: Reminder everyone, I sell custom videos, used underwear, used socks and potentially other things. At the moment I even have a 3+ minute video of my boyfriend fucking me in bondage.. (He/Him, do not tag me as a girl) benjititaass dickfordessert parkerreedxxx: A teaser from my first shoot with Amy Bexxx the other day! eli-sinclair: Experimenting with some light bondage on myself (clamps+cock tied). courtneytrouble: look at this gorgeous photo of charlie spats that kitty stryker took on set yesterday! looking good y’all!  (unedited)  (whole set up at indiepornrevolution.com soon!). gardenvarietyslut: zedthomas so sexy. jamesdarlingxxx: cumdumpguys: Jace fucks cum slut James Darling. first time I ever got cum up my nose . sherwoodd: I want to fuck.. ginogenet: Gino Genet. taylorjmace: Good morning.. Hot FTM porn star Kipp Slinger gets double-stuffed in this brand new scene from Bonus Hole Boys! Ramses Rodstein for FTM Fucker!