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friendlyrva:Fun time with my boy yesterday. bigclitboy:All pink, creamy, and lonely ftmdik:I clean a friend’s house every now and then…today I sat, half-naked and hard, on his bed, wishing he could find me and punish me for abusing his kindness. reddocs:Someone come suck me transboyst-cock:Need my cock sucked by a cute boy (he/him) evandaniel325:Shot day and it’s been a minute since a dick pic came through.. i do that too with the extra! transboyst-cock:(he/him) kinkytcockboy: nothing makes me happier than getting high and getting off. he/him || 13 months on T. (do not tag as fem/girl). ftmboifran:Went through my phone to find nudes. Oldies but goodies. Maybe some repeats. trans-cub:Thought this was a nice angle elitheforestguy: Casual dick update ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. (He/him. Nsfw blogs can interact but NOT fetish blogs). scrumptiouslydeepbick: Woke up from a nap like this…. (He/Him pronouns please. Don’t delete caption.). discoveringkris:I took this recently, what are your thoughts? samiiafterdark:Lounging around on a Saturday before work… I could use some company. Wanna join me? ;) bigclitboy:Kinda embarrassed but I made myself a ring and I really love it maskedtransguy:Getting drunk and jerking off, the usual friday nakedfamousandgay: Physique reference 2.25 months on T. Also my cute little cock, I love how much it has grown. (he/him). pasuteru-prince:here’s my little ftm cock ftmfuckboi: Shower with me? (he/him). kaitofelipe:Option -> Macro. Just peeking out Genderqueer transmaculine human. He/they. Woke up horny and edged for a while. 10 months on T. Proud of the little growth I’ve had. hi! I’m learning to love my body, so I decided to create a blog to post pictures of it so others could love it too! follow for more fuckmee666:My tight asshole is begging to be fucked. transmaleerotica: More pics from Luke Hudson and Chris Gilbert.  Check out Luke on his website www.jockpussy.com to see truly sizzling hot bareback videos or follow him on Twitter https://twitter.com/lukehudsonxxx?lang=en to see when he is coming to your town.  Luke is truly the hottest up and coming star, or should we say getting guys up and cumming :)  No one has more passion for enjoying sex than Luke.. TME is not associated with jockpussy or GBINC. garry665:year and a (almost) half on T. alonenunknown: Mr Axis - squatting in the kitchen. Posted May 7. Pansexual pre op FtM. He/Him pronouns. Please leave caption. ftm4493:Suck my dick please. slysilvertodd: Now that’s one hell of a stiffy. Holding out for two days has made me be like this for the whole day.. He/him don’t remove caption.. sebastian-irby:softy, my t dick shy of one year bigclitboy:Kinda embarrassed but I made myself a ring and I really love it ftmforthewin:Long day and now it’s the weekend germanftmboy:3 years on t peachycreamm: 6 mths on T - 1 mth post-op(top). Thanks for the submission! yoshiwara-niisan: Got a gift in the mail guess what it wasManyVidswishlist! ithinkimkindahot: Fukk me up pansy-boy:Yo soy transexual. A medical condition not an ideology. peachycreamm: Soft. [He/Him || Leave caption] mydetachablecock: Feeling body positive. Still have wear my packer but I do love my little dick. notsafeforworkaholic ftmpunk86:All we’ve done is fuck since I got home kaitofelipe:Cute. bonusbare: sorry for the long absence, guys. won’t happen again. ;)‘bout to get sucked off. ftmforthewin:2.5 years on T cuntboycastle:Just a brief couple pics of my hard-on. spicysharksiesta:Coming soon to a porn site near you ;). fuck yes. peachycreamm:Pre t to 3 months! [He/Him || Leave caption]. so well documented! say-oh-x:What happens when it’s slow at work, I get frisky. same pull-up-prince: Me and big bro’s dicks side by side :3 this is my first and only body positive nude photo (they/he) Hard and Horny af. Near 4 years on T. Aussie FTM. one year and one day on T. so damn horny all the time. (he/his they/them) say-oh-x:Two days on T vs. 8 months on T ftmfuckboyfu: Need someone on their knees sucking me off right now.. He/him. puptobi22:Well by the time I moved I lost most of the cum. We’ll try again later. parkerreedxxx:sup? ftm-fun:I love being bent over the bed kinkytcockboi: my dick’s the only thing that wants to get up in the morning ✨. he/him || 1 year on T. [do not tag as fem/girl]. ftmforthewin:One I took a while back bimeaunicorn:iso: a good fuck. willing to trade slutty services and ego boosting comments. naughtytoys69:He gets bigger and bigger every time I get fucked. Who wants to take a turn? I promise I’ll be a good boi! puptobi22:Freshly fucked and full of cum! queerandkinkyy:Shower time for this pretty boy cebado:almost 4 months on T clitoromegaly:Before and after pumping. Wow look how fat he got. This was only 6 minutes at like -4 “Hg. God damn effective. clitoromegaly:Was encouraged by a friend to show off how flexible I am so here you go. furftm:Woke up horny. I need my dick sucked right now desiccationstation:Continuation of the last post. Two dicks on each reptile dude. TWO DICKS! aarochi:U( ÒㅅÓ)U <3 Soft, hard