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weluvtransmen:Absolutely craving a hard cock right now pastelprn:1yr 6mnths on t, always horny, but luckily i have my boyfriend to fill up my needy cunt whenever i want 18 months on t + hard fffucktoy: Reblog and tell me how you’d fuck me.. I’m a transgender man so refer to me with he/him pronouns. Do not reblog to all female porn blogs. Do not reblog to big clit blogs.. kinkytransman:Porn crossed my feed and I couldn’t help traumatisedgay:new room means new bed with lots of space to have fun fffucktoy: got an ask for underwear/boxer pics from @ghosthart-blog, so I put on the brightest ones I owned. I’m a transgender man so refer to me with he/him pronouns. do not reblog to all female porn blogs. do not reblog to big clit blogs. queerandkinkyy: Getting hard…. (they/he) eternaltrophyboy: Got pounded by daddy so good I couldn’t feel my legs and I felt the plug pulsing inside my ass for a while. He/him pls. maybe-you-are-right-about-me:I’m definitely loving my butt these days. Someone should come and worship this fine ass? I’ll wear my new jocks ;) i like this pic of my junk. ftmguy89: Wet boy.. [He/him] blackporn42: Amateur EBONY, more HERE severelygayxporn: Driving around without boxers and felt a half chub.. Decided to let him breathe I was feeling sexy today, so I thought I’d share this. ;) friendlyrva: I was horny and just kept brutally pumping load after load into my FTM boy after work. Frankly, I don’t know how his legs feel, but I’m a bit wobbly after such a carnal attack on his tasty hole! fffucktoy: good morning boys, girls and everyone within and without the gender spectrum. i could use a hand. I’m a transgender man so refer to me with he/him pronouns. Do not reblog to all female porn blogs. Do not reblog to big clit blogs. disgustingplace: This boy is horny asf dj-x-x: Please me.. (He/him) ftmguypics: So horny. Kik me now: transguyiowa My fiancé and I are breaking in our new camper. He has the most amazing mouth ever! <3. Pronouns he/him/his. And they /them / theirs. Do not remove caption Is it OK for cis to submit? fftmp: FTM rudimentalsinner: he/him (trans boy) ethanhines: alternadudesxxx:Sexy FTMs can be great alternadudes models, and they even have a bonus hole to add to the fun! Alternadudes.com. Lovin it! Didn’t know if you were taking submissions, but I’m sort of new here and trying to join trans communities here on tumblr. 3 years on T, He/Him, Pan :PThanks for the submission! I am always willing to post submissions. The more the merrier. tension-and-spark:Happy Pride month from your resident California hippy trans man. phoenixtop4ftm: lunawiles: feeling so good, and like a Good Boy, after a good long session tonight on Chaturbate (lunawilesftm) Next time I will try to remember to post here BEFORE I go up. :) . He’s so cute phoenixtop4ftm: niceguytris: My cock has grown quite a bit. Nice cuntboy666: i may be a little wet lmao phoenixtop4ftm: queerandkinkyy: I gotta say, that’s a nice looking dick and bonus hole.. I agree threeholeboy: go ahead and ruin it for the other boys thatlocalboy: Felt naughty today… Please make me cum! gingerboicunt-blog: Self Love sexygayftm: Perfect amount of holes on a man. sexygayftm: Nice hairy cock gankyuunamekun: So swollen I’m waddling. Who wants to sink in? raud-reipi: I know trans porn doesn’t get a lot of notes but my fuck buddy asked me to draw this and now I have a whole file full of “trans men getting teased by magic wand goodboy-kitten: Sure thing anon. He/him naughtytoys69: Got an amazing blow job but I was hard again the minute I finished cumming…. (they/them) don’t delete tag dickfordessert: New pics! (since they were very politely asked for) Early morning urges I need to be sucked off, I’m so hard He/Him On T for a little under a year. Feel free to follow me! ftmfuckboi: Whoops. (he/him) 7074midway: im cute someone give me head trans-sub-stantiation: I feel kinda cute this morning so here take these bvssybitch: Just under a week on t and im already growing maskedtransguy: Won’t be on much this weekend, my friends are graduating so that means partying nb-jupiter: The best wank I’ve had in a while! Got really messy and stretched myself open with four fingers puppyboy-indro: Last night’s post-orgasm pics :3. (He/him) lunawiles: hard and warm they/he please-play-with-me: Since my last pic was so well received, I thought I’d post some more ;). Kik: InternetRuinedMyLife ftmslave: Hey, it’s been a while justinjonesftm:On spring break rn and touching my dick a lot smallbumkin: he / him. 13 weeks on T trans-sub-stantiation: Hello it is I trans-cub: Love being stuffed softboycum: webcam pics!{he/him prince–eros: Just took a shower and shaved kurtvulgar: Daddy’s cock is waiting for you softboycum: Mmmm fadednxxxrated: My lil guy says Hi bash1n: Right on it, hope its not to ugly.. He/him friendlyrva:Fun time with my boy yesterday. bigclitboy:All pink, creamy, and lonely ftmdik:I clean a friend’s house every now and then…today I sat, half-naked and hard, on his bed, wishing he could find me and punish me for abusing his kindness. reddocs:Someone come suck me transboyst-cock:Need my cock sucked by a cute boy (he/him) evandaniel325:Shot day and it’s been a minute since a dick pic came through.. i do that too with the extra!