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femtmpup: A series of nudes sux-dix: I need a warm mouth so bad. . he/him | don’t delete caption. kurtvulgar:Get on your knees vashislez:#ftm #porn #pussy Top left little chub, top right semi hard, bottom pic fully erect.. Thanks for the super hot submission! 18. trying very hard to love this trans body.. I love your body! Thanks for submitting. Feelin’ Groovy! kinkykuntboy: My cock looks so big right after i trim, more so when i play around. feel free to reblog and follow for more! he/him (9 months on T/Do not tag as femme/girl). femtmpup:Got all clean to get dirty myqueerself:the sun finally came out today, so i had a little walk on a frozen canal… the scenery was so beautiful and i couldn’t see anyone except a few passing cars in the distance, so i pulled down my pants and played a little gagboyxxx: he/him. kik:fuckboiii96. I do Skype sessions. transpinkstar: I love to crawl on my hands and knees for my Betapup. <3 ftmfags: Another super hot follower submission - keep them cumming please! I could really use something real in my holes…. transqueersxxx: My transcock. I need a bj. 5 years on T. #ftm #pre-op #horny trans-dude-nudes: A boy appears. I still like these socks and am afraid of ripping them. gagboyxxx:still growing he/him friendlyrva:Delicious and used FTM hole. tannerfridayxxx:I need a blowjob. sux-dix:he/him | don’t delete caption alexandersnow:Pet transboy, collared and always horny :3 Was trying to get a good full frontal selfie. These are the best attempts and I couldn’t choose! FtM, 26 months on T.. Thank you for the great submission! city-of-orchids: dick pics from the other day i forgot to upload. he/him - no straight cis men - no chasers - don’t delete caption - be nice usemyholes: Its been a while since ive posted. reprehensibleporn: Hope y’all appreciate my cute ass! Trying to train myself up, I can actually fit my huge plug in now! femtmpup: A series of nudes incubusbrat: It’s been a while since I posted nudes vancity-beardad: imatransguy:Used ties for bindings. So horny.. Now there’s a picture of horniness! transqueersxxx: My porn blog is peachycreamm toastseeksbutter:This might be the best (recent) picture of my cock, even though it’s over exposed. redneckfucker: bust-1: Get in this. Fuck yeah redneckfucker: iwannabeyourhand: feelin’ open. Mmmm nice fuck hole! pornfoli0: Considering I made these characters only so I could draw porn of them, I have drawn very little porn of them.So yes, werewolf Kino, the bodyguard to the druglord, Juva. Kino is the smaller one. adventuresinkinktopia: city-of-orchids: i shaved the whole thang just to get the cock ring to work because it kept pinching my pubic hair, ouuffff. i also need one of those dongs with a suction cup on them, that’d make things way easier for me. or someone to fuck me silly until i’m an incoherent shaky mess, yknow, whatever works.. no straight cis men - don’t remove caption pls. transqueersxxx: A little over a year on T. Bi transguy in Texas :) come follow me! @dirty-transboy myqueerself: happy new year everyone ;) transguydik: I came two times- using sex as a healing tool for heartbreak- I like how my cock hangs down when I bend over in the first picture. transboytwink: dicks So fucking hot. friendlyrva: Send us hard cock pics if you’re beating off and thinking of ramming your cock in here a few hundred times. Keep it discreet and we’ll post them as thoughtful New Years gifts to our twisted cravings. JUICY cum filled FTM hole. Felt so good to blow my load deep in there for the last time this year. peachycreamm:I made a harness that forces my toy deeper every time I move This is 7 months on T. How much more growth in length do you think I’ll get? I love submissions! As for the question, I can only say it depends. Genetics and time. I think a year or two is standard for the full growth, but there are things one can do to make it bigger. Testosterone gels/creams work for some. Pumping has varied results. transqueersxxx: dyed my hair that’s why my hands are a little blue :3 just me, my cock, and my other cock :) he/him, do not remove caption transmaleerotica: Homemade series of S and A enjoying an afternoon of fun.  Check out some short videos of “Fun with A"  at www.transmaleerotica.com/short.html cis-passing: theskankmonster: cis-passing: why is this weak ass font over a lake and some mountains they deserve better. THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT. drippingperv: Freshly shaved boypussy bentleyg92: I love my Freetom……don’t you? kadenzaq: I wish I was putting my dick in a tight pussy rn dxxxxhxxx: Last week this was day 2 of 4 of orgasm and cock denial - never have I jerked off so hard and not cum. bioluminaughty pull-up-prince: my little trans cock getting bigger. realpussyboy: slut-problems: I’m an FTM slut and this is one of my regulars using me.  He usually unloads in my front hole. This time he wanted to cum on my little diclit.. I think it’s a hot pic, hopefully and your readers do to.- Interesting. I’m all about real shit, so this is cool.. I want a follow-up pic showing the top dragging his cock through his load and pushing his semen back into that front hole. Hot, but those sperm belong deep in that hole. kaitofelipe:3 days for 4 years and 7 months on testosterone. :)) yoshiwara-niisan: Megane squad!(he/him) big-clit-pussy: klarkkentshhhhh: That hard that lingers after a good nut. ftmfags: Greeting the new year with and open hole and a hungry heart! pull-up-prince: I could do this all day bust-1: FTM queerftmpng: make me cum Shaved transqueersexselfies: A collection of post-orgasm selfies. Or, my cock and hole 4 years on T.. He/him/his. dxxxxhxxx: Can anyone tell me how to blur out my face in videos so I can upload them to xtube? So horny. Anonymous dxxxxhxxx: Trying to be a good slut boy.. Such a hot body. dxxxxhxxx: All I want to be is someone’s fisting slut hole. klarkkentshhhhh: Get on your knees n suck me off ftmdick99: playing bootsboy33: furftm: Get on your knees and suck it. I’d be on my knees in seconds… All that fur…. yoshiwara-niisan: freckle on my dick :o(he/him) I like to wait a while in between shaves and let the hair grow back in. Then when I do shave everything feels super sensitive after. I can feel every movement of my pants against my pussy and I can’t think about anything else. By the end of the day my underwear is soaked.