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Gagged and flogged Pulling a Cart Black tapegag (f/f) Ancilla Tilia Collared and Gagged Double Stuffed One Out of Four Pout all you want. You aren't going anywhere I love how the gag is anchored Almost looks bored kinda cute. Many watermarks but still a nice redhead with clothespins on her nipples and a ballgag When a ballgag alone just isn't enough.. Black girl with green ballgag and blonde dreadlocks View from below. Brunette white girl, red ballgag, drool, bound Pretty black girl with a blue ballgag. Lovely lips. Catelyn Stark in her wilder, younger days B&W photo if a bound white girl with a nice ballgag Blonde hair, pink ballgag, drool Black girl with pink ballgag in suspension bondage with her tits tied White girl with red ballgag bound with silver rope including crotch rope Blonde milf with a pink ballgag and tightly bound breasts Gag, bonds, cheap hotel [OC] Frankly, I do not know what to call this gag, but it is a great picture Let's get this sub going again! Here's Fiona... Bound Asan woman with white ballgag Small image of an Asian woman with a ballgag Old, small, and black and white but pretty nice Bound brunette with red ballgag and a bit of drool Another of the bound Asian women with white ballgags Blonde woman with a homemade bit gag and a bit of drool Tied tight, with a thick scarf cleave gag Bound, bottomless, blonde, black ballgag. Alliteration = awesome Masuimi Max Three girls with red ballgags, shirts pulled up, and crotch ropes over panties, a bit small but nice Vintage shot of a woman putting on a thick gag. Bound, blonde, red ballgag. From the 1960's or 1970's. White woman with hairy pits and bush, bound breasts, and a white ballgag Smaller pic, but nice red ballgag and bound tits. Blonde and brunette, bound, ropes in their twats, both with a knotted rag gag. 1970's maybe, blonde, black ballgag. Brunette, bound breasts, bright red lipstick, matching ballgag. Tightly bound, crotch roped, redhead, with red ballgag. Leather strait jacket with a ball gag. Gagged on the bed. Red on black. Two way ballgag Despair Black gag, red ropes Revitalisation Part IV: Big red ballgag She looks beautiful with that gag in her mouth Classic Red Ballgag Really Gagged! Dripping with drool Green Eyes Gagging her Dita Von Teese Tyler wearing a horse bit for a gag = lots of drool! Good girl. Original content from last weekend. Cross-posted to r/wifesharing. She loves comments. My submissive gagged and drooling on Valentine's Day She's doing it right Showing her off Gagged and Collared Nicely Bound Darling Gagged Drooling over her tits Jasmine Sinclair Ballgagged Licking her ball gag Harness Gag Mirror Photo Ancilla gagged Mz. Berlin