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Her last week Sabrina Dacos pretty, pink Simp, Gape, Smile! (r/smilers) Happy Hole-idays Sandra Luberc's gape Mini gape delighted gape (r/smilers) surprising taste Expandable Gape Granny launching pad Gaped Asian both holes have just taken a pounding Gaped Swollen Asian The time spent assfucking really pays off when you end up with a ring you can not just lick but nibble too. As relaxed as a day on the beach. It’ll be as easy to fuck a hole that trained as it is to slide that little string to the side. I see someone’s been busy. She probably wasn’t born with an extra pussy, but thankfully someone fixed it for her. I love that as long as those cheeks are held apart, that hole stays open and ready. Ten more years of fucking and it’ll be Spit Optional. Reblog this to remind your followers how an asshole should _not_ look. You want a loose, fuckable hole. Her pinhole says, you can try, but it’s going to be frustrating, and I’ll probably make you stop when you’re only halfway there. User submission showing a good strong rear fuckhole. You’ll probably still have to lube it up and take it slow, but once you’re in she’s probably a good assfuck. Love the subs. Send more! Lovely couple. You should check out their Tumblr. See that thick, oval, incredibly lickable hole? It takes love, fucking, and plugging to craft genitalia like that. Any woman can offer her pussy (and that’s a beauty too), but a ready to fuck asshole takes dedication. An anon user sub (her second, more please!) with traces of lube and a temptingly hot hole that looks literally warm to the touch. I’d say it’s begging to be further stretched and fucked, but her submitted quote already told me that: “Fuck me here. I’m 21 and I want to alter my ass. Anon if posted please.”. No, stop! You’re too young to permanently turn a pinky-finger tight dot into a really comfortable, sexy slit that men want to suck, fuck, and fill with cum. …just kidding. Keep sizing up and send more pics. :) New sub from same reader: “My relaxed hole” Reminding us that even when she’s done, her ass is still ready. Notice she’s widened/toned the outer (lighter area just past the inner pink) muscles. She’s been teaching her ass how to open up for a fuck. See the bottle of liquor by the door? Her swollen hole tells me she’ll gladly accept your cock, whether or not she’s had a few drinks to loosen her up first. User sub: “Since you asked so nicely :) anon as always!”  She’s sent in a couple of shots before, and she does have a beautiful ass. There’s nothing like a young lady opening her hole and inviting attention. Keep us updated as you progress. Sabrina Dacos, with her perfectly sexualized bottom, is hereby named the patron saint of Altered Asses. Honey, put down the remote for a minute and show them your hole.” Flipping her over for an assfuck should be as casual an option as changing the channel – looks like it is. Thanks for submitting. Keep em’ loose, and keep em’ coming. From Anon: “Wanna play?” – Yes, we do – we all do. Thanks for getting it ready. And the more you play with that toy, the more fun stuff you can do with it. Have fun! User sub: “hubby loves to fuck my ass and it has changed since he started” For the better! I’ll call this a mild case of porno-butt, and even the classy girls catch it after too many shoots with too many big dicks fucking them up the ass. I wonder what it feels like when that mass of scar tissue lightly brushes against the sides of your cock? I bet it’s nice for a good slow build and a hard cum. It’s so nice when the little ridges tickle the tiny lips at the tip of your cock and you push forward as she opens her ass-pussy to you and it’s so warm and pulls you forward so smoothly that you know it belongs there and after you cum so hard it just dribbles back out, so you rub it up and down with your finger, feeling those ridges and gathers and getting hard all over again. It’s a good hole for a fuck. Nothing had been in my ass that morning, that’s what happens when I spread my cheeks! 3rd sub, still trying to make progress…not sure if it’s looking altered just yet?”. Your outer ring is looking more muscled and relaxed – you’re definitely at the stage where a lover can go down on you above and below with equal intensity. As for more progress, remember that it’s size and not frequency or thrusting that will train your (absolutely beautiful) hole. An update from my favorite anon, looking puffier, sexualized, and ready.. “Am I doing good? Actually experienced anal sex properly a few weeks ago, needless to say it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Now I want more, so who’s up for it? Anon as always! i know its not the most altered but note i bend over and it opens right up and is ready to go. But its on its way to being a truly altered ass. I’ve wanted to be good enough to be posted here for a while. Hope you enjoy This is my natural state, good and ready for anything.. All she has to do is part her cheeks and her pink hole opens up for a fucking. That’s what a man wants to see when he spreads your ass. Is yours as welcoming as Molly’s? I know I’ve still got work to do but my ass is even more altered since my last submission I hope you can tell I tried the same angle for you. Enjoy!“. I think you know how many followers would love to bury their faces in your beautiful, playful ass. But do send another submission and tell me more about your motivation. I want to specifically know what drives you to open up your hole. I believe I’m starting to develop the slit you’ve pointed out on you blog before. I love this blog it inspires me”. You’re right. I see it. Your hole’s been permanently sexualized, subverted.. And, thank you. If I were to scribble a caption across the top, it would read, “I don’t always do porn, but when I do, it obviously involves my ass.” I bet she really earned that lovely-lipped slit. Someone’s been a bad girl, over and over. There’s enough loose ass flesh there to gently grip her knot with your teeth and tug. Look at it. She can’t have been too far into her professional career at that point and her hole had already given up. Bring on the next dick—it’s ready. Something happened to weaken the band at the top, and now her asshole closes like a coin purse. You can bet every boyfriend she’ll ever have will accept it as an invitation. Twenty years from now it’ll absolutely be a beautiful but fuckable wreck. A little wear and tear on the old fuckhole never hurt anyone. In fact, it feels great. favoritefemaleassholes: that anus just begs for a tongue. She has to hold her pussy open, not her asshole, which already knows to part slightly and invite you inside. Most of us don’t have to ask questions like, can you see my anus in this swimsuit? The community thanks you for your stretched out fuckhole. User submission. She says it best:My ass has become my new pussy. I don’t miss my pussy getting fucked. . I love, love, love my fuckhole being more than a cute button butthole.. I used to be so tight and use lots of lube, I haven’t touched lube in awhile. Just spit right in my slit and it glides so easy. I’m obsessed with cock in my ass. f/25] we are working on it... First time stretch Like a snake ready to pounce on the gopher exiting the gopher hole Nicole Love Ivy Aura Cum right in... [f] Open for business Jamie Hendrix Bessie Amazing Fisting and Gaping Show [Video in comments / 10:35] Well in hand Kyra Hot Big Tittied Blonde Ok, now push out your asshole and say "cheese" (r/smilers) Closeup TT Spread I'm still wrecking ? Colorful