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Care [F]or a taste? F] irst time posting - hope gw likes gifs Getting dirty again after my shower :Dgi(f). My new toys (f)inally arrived... Tell me where to put it... Look what you made me do [f] ha, um a making of gif [f]or my last post :) Some ass to go with the tits [f] a little humpday gi(f) for you all ;) Yesterday, I said i(f) my post went down well there would be something naughtier... I hope you American's approve of this ;) Getting so(m)e help (f)rom a friend. Sorry it's a little dark. F)irst Time making a Gif...Hot or Not? Yay! Enough love for the shower gi(f), you guys earned it :D Happy Steak & Blowjob Day :D (m+f) Can I leave this here? Sorry about the (f)lashing background...! F)lashing gif You guys ask me a lot of questions. So, I have two for you: How long can you last? And do you like it tight?;) [f] f) Let's go even wilder tonight ;) F] You guys, I swear.... f)lash... Ahhhhh ah! My [F]irst attempt at a gif. hope you like it.. ;) f] remember me? xo A little pussy play be[f]ore work is never a bad thing The "my jeans are too skinny and my butt is too big" dance. (F) We did breakfast yesterday, let's do lunch (f)or this lovely Sunday funday? Not so cl(ass)y gi(f) i wish i could [f] _____ I hope you watch the whole thing;) Let me know i[f] you like it...then, I'll verify for you! Thought you folks might like a gif to (f)ollow on from the tease the other night. Please help yoursel[f] getting slam[m]ed [f]ucking hard. hello GW ;) finally ho[m]e from a long day.gif TGI(F) (Titties Gif, It's Friday!) I'm ready I'm ready! To get this day started! [F] I might have an oral [f]ixation... Now I'm naked, nothing but an animal [f] Jiggly bum! [F]or those of you that missed it. I know I still have some requests but... Little Titty Bounce (f) Go with the [f]low Playing with myself after a lunchtime orgasm (f) A goo(f)y boob dance F]eeling naughty alone in my apartment. (fixed gif) Since you wanted to see my booty from another angle, here's a gif of wiggling my (f)at ass into some tight jeans. Think you can handle this big, perfect ass? ;) (f) My first gif! A nice hand[f]ul owlberta gifanimation my first gi[f] ;) owlberta gifanimation Desperate times call for depraved measures (f) by popular request.... straight up that ass :] [F][M] F) titty drop in white lace F] When I think of you...;) (See you when finals are over. Miss me!) What your upvotes do to me :) (f) F] I'd love to rub this against your throbbing, beautiful cock. Let's go [f]or a ride. I need a girl to hold the ca[m]era while i [f]ucking ride! Titty Tuesday [f]rom my desk ;) F]ucking my dildo, wish it was a nice throbbing cock! Tips for surviving long road trips #231: play with yoursel[f] Please [f]uck me senseless :) I love to get [f]cked in socks! [m] I've decided I'm going to make a lot more gi[f]s can you guess damnerys' [f]avorite position? F]ucking gif [m] Getting ready to head to my night job... It's gonna be boring, so I had to have some [f]un beforehand... maybe you can help me have some fun while I'm there. F)irst post and gif, hope you like stripping and big asses. Bored in class... wonder i[f] anyone's paying attention Gi[f] Riding gets me so wet ;) [f] slap [m]y ass! I'm dirty girl![f] little bit of booty shaking good [f]