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Early morning semi; playing with the new Photos app First gif. ;) First ti[m]er A GIF for you (xpost from mangonewild) results of seeing [m]y wife's posts on reddit the spurt from seeing my wife's pics on reddit No hands gif Can you imagine how it'd feel inside? Metrobone A gif i created ;-) Its come to this. I hate watermarking! Working out again Another gif for you all Gif of me whipping it out Anyone know the source of these two beautiful cocks French amateur big dick in action Soft -> Hard After my first two posts, there were some requests to see a gif of me cumming, so I thought I'd deliver. This is my first gif so I hope it's not too disappointing. As always please comment and PM, I love hearing from all of you. a quick gif Freedom Pulling it back I'm a helicopter - have a great Saturday I snapchatted this to a friend and apparently it deserves more public attention. #IHaveATinyFileSize Cumming all over myself! Alone on a Friday night First gif! Little bit of mirror play Cleaning out the pipes Just laying there The "orange" reveal Snaking him out of the boxers You can almost take my pulse from my throbbing All you can eat Shower stroke (gif) orgasm I need to know: does yours do this too? Shaky Cam aka Shaky Dick 26M GAMER Hey there guys and girls. I'd like to know what you think. What would you do to me? PM's and pics welcome. a gif of me Skeels are my thing 26M Gamer Revealing myself For every action there is a reaction. If you play with something long enough, your bound to get messy! Googely eyed penis. What other sub reddits would this be appropriate for? thanks nsfw Best 2 seconds! What does Reddit think of my gif skills? Likes to slap against things Why isn't there a cumshots gw? popping out This summarizes how I feel about every thread in this subreddit. are gifs appreciated? newly 18. Up late and horny ;) PM or kik me at the same username Ejaculating gif of myself My Stretchy Precum :) me Playful gif of my semi Your slutty PMs make it hard for me to be a good boy... Naked at resort Peeking out of my slacks. Slow Motion Bouncing Penis for Science. My first Gif :] Cum play with this? Let me take these off for you Slippery soap is slippery 2 views of the same cumshot Beautiful Nuzzling my nectar nozzle Good Morning! Happy Fourth of July! letting my cock out :D Me taking matters into my own hands