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Submitted by shadyoaks. This is one of the earliest images I remember distinctly of Bettie. I had been aware of her for some time before her death because I was obsessed with having bangs like hers, but I remember posting this photo on Gaia Online when she died. The thread got no attention. Hey guys, long time no see! So sorry about that. Submitted by . jhk-1. Submitted by . jhk-1. The greatest skirt of all time by @dominodollhouse and it has pockets! #BettiePage I don't know this sexy ladies name, apologies. Alright, last one of Dita... for now! One of my first pinup photos, with red hair this time! Vixen Valentine I have been told I have a pinup shape what do u think? He Had it Comin Doris MayDay. Celebrity Pin-up Rivi Madison. Kilker Photography. Is there a sub with more original style pinup that is painted rather than all of this new age stuff? Bonus: "Streamlined" by Arnold Armitage Just doing some late night studying Getting ready Pinups a friend of mine did recently The wonder(f)ul Scarlett Johansson on National ScarJo Day classic redhead feeling sort of pinup-ish today. :3 Doris Mayday Black and green Cleaning up Terribly Girly christmas behind the scenes! Stay tuned for more ;) Tis the Season. Some Gil Elvgren christmas pinup pinup mermaid Three total dolls, anyone have the rest of the shoot? Classy photo & illustration I took a photo of pinups on a plane (album in comments) Oh No! My shoe lace is untied! My girlfriend's first Pin-Up shoot, what do you think? My shoot with Varga at the Mai Kai! Just a little self portrait I want a candy cane... A photo I took of Eliza DeLite - Best British Female at the London Burlesque Games 2012 (and a big snake called Frank!) Hobbyist model from Springfield The divine Dita Von Teese. Kassandra Love. Model: Eden Berlin. Photographer: Sabine Schoenberger. I recently had a photo shoot with Terribly Girly Just a little something From my last pinup session. (I'm the photog) Model: Angela Ryan. Photo: Viva Van Story. Tease for new book, ''Sheer''. Miss Mosh. Pin-up Style B&W Shot [Fave from the set] The always stunning Ruby Champagne I just wish i had a higher resolution of this pic What do you think of this model? I'm thinking about using it for a tattoo. Pinup party look! Not the greatest quality, but my pinup outfit look I wore out yesterday How do you like my Dynamic Duo?". Freaking sweet Vargas pinup from July 1966 Playboy...research for grad school as begun! Olya' by Irina Davis. Don't think I've seen a pinup with a snake before! Thanks for the upvotes. Here's my first pinup magazine cover that I've shot! Not the best, but went for more of a noir feel. Gil Elvgren, Old NAPA ad A Reel Problem" Al Buell Bondi by Miss Missy. Sailor Girl Frustrated Wives' movie poster Kristelle O Chocholate, UK Pin Up Girl 1950s style Very alluring Does she belong here? My 50's pin up girl outfit for work, what do you think reddit? :) Just hanging by the pool! Just one of my Pinup shots from a shoot last spring! Vargas' "Feminist" from April 1970 Playboy